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About Carr Lane Roemheld

Established in 1982, Carr Lane Roemheld Manufacturing Company (CLRH) is a joint venture that unites the Old World craftsmanship of Roemheld GmbH, a top German workholding manufacturer, with Carr Lane Manufacturing Company, America’s premier tooling supplier.

Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg. Co. delivers the finest in international power workholding products for more effective CNC machining and manufacturing.

The line of compact power workholders includes more than 80 products that clamp, position or support at high operating pressure. Choose from hydraulic clamps and cylinderswork supportscoupling systemscollet vises and many other items. All come in multiple sizes, and our hydraulic clamping components feature zero-leakage sealing technology.

Precision machine vises from Carr Lane Roemheld range from manual to hydraulic vises, with interchangable jaws for added flexibility.

The STARK Zero Point Mounting System enables you to create your own quick pallet change system, reducing CNC setup time to seconds.