Trumpf S-450 Shears Trumpf S-450 Shears

With the TruTool S-450 shears, you can set the sheet thickness without tools, even during cutting. The cutting tables made of high-strength steel and the precise position of the cutting table knives require a minimal amount of cutting force. By selecting the TruTool S 450 you choose an extremely powerful shear with excellent flexibility in curves. With this tool, you obtain high-quality processing, even with stainless steel.


FIVE YEAR WARRANTY (On registered tools per Trumpf terms)

Trumpf S-350 ShearsTrumpf Shears TruTool S 350

Become acquainted with the unique height adjustment of this shear.

You can set the required height with a knob, simply and without tools.

The blade can be adjusted to the required sheet thickness both when the machine is stopped and while it is cutting. You work with low force and the cuts are free of chips. The flexibility with different radii and the resulting maneuverability are particularly good, and the cuts are of very high quality.

FIVE YEAR WARRANTY (On registered tools per Trumpf terms)

Trumpf S-250 Shearstrumph Shear TruTool S 250

The TruTool S-250 is an exceptionally handy shear for mid-range power needs.

As with all Trumpf shears, this one provides a free view of the work area and the cutting line. Cutting along the outline is quick and precise, even overhead.

The force expended is low because of the optimal cutting geometry. The shear cuts without chips, and high curve and radius flexibility top off its useful properties.

FIVE YEAR WARRANTY (On registered tool per Trumpf terms)

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